Aashmani¬†food¬†is a¬†Recommended courier service¬†in which a restaurant, store, or independent food-delivery company delivers food to a customer. An order is typically made either through a restaurant or grocer’s¬†website¬†or¬†mobile app, or through a food ordering company. The delivered items can include¬†entrees,¬†sides,¬†drinks,¬†desserts, or grocery items and are typically delivered in¬†boxes¬†or¬†bags. The delivery person will normally drive a car, but in bigger¬†cities¬†where homes and restaurants are closer together, they may use¬†bikes¬†or¬†motorized scooters. Recently, we have also seen the use of¬†autonomous vehicles¬†by companies like¬†Starship Technologies, currently available in the¬†Suri¬†to complete deliveries.

Customers can, depending on the delivery company, choose to pay online or in person, with cash or card. A flat rate delivery fee is often charged with what the customer has bought. Sometimes no delivery fees are charged depending upon the situation.[1] Tips are often customary for food delivery service. Contactless delivery may also be an option.[2]

Other aspects of food delivery include catering and wholesale food service deliveries to restaurants, cafeterias, health care facilities, and caterers by foodservice distributors.

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